Ham Radio Links

Things I find useful, interesting and informative. My comments are in italics.


Ham Radio Ethics and Operating Procedures

This appears to be a mirror of cebik.com which is now defunct.

More W4RNL Documents

W4RNL Antenna Theory (archive.org) - L. B. Cebik's papers on antennas and antenna modeling.

Series of QEX articles on ground system experiments
HF radials demystified?Also a lot of interesting information from actual experiments and 4NEC2 models. 

Multiband HF Center‑Loaded Off‑Center‑Fed Dipoles - Serge Stroobandt, ON4AA.
Excellent analysis of how OCFDs work, how to correct them for 80m and 30m operation, lots of nice 4NEC2 models. 

Ground Systems - W8JI.
This series of articles cleared up a number of misconceptions I had.

K9AY Flag Pennant Ewe Terminated Loops - W8JI.

Small Loop Antenna Array for HF Reception - KK5JY

The Great Ham Radio Desk Project.
Make a desk!

Getting Started with 900Mhz (33cm) Ham Band.

Some hints/tips on how to assemble nice COAX TRAPS !
Plus trap losses, and a coax trap calculator.

After Es, why not try meteor scatter with MSK144?

End/Base-Fed Inverted-L, Elevation and Azimuth Radiation Plots by KD6RF:

Excellent series of articles on Ham Radio . Magnum Experimentum about 43ft verticals, and vs BigIR:

160 and 80 Meter Matching Network for your 43-foot Vertical - AD5X.
High power and remote switched matching to enable (more) efficient operation 160m and 80m.

43 Foot Vertical Antenna And K9AY Receive Antenna By Rick, VE7TK
Set of slides about using a 43 ft vertical for transmit and the K9AY receive antenna for low band DX.

Articles & Hints by AD5X.
A selection of interesting technical projects.

Terminated Coaxial Cage Monopole - A new design of Broadband HF vertical antenna - Martin Ehrenfried (G8JNJ).

Bobtails and Half Squares - K3KY

Blogs / Informational Sites

Real Time Lightning and Thunderstorm Maps.

Ham Radio . Magnum Experimentum - Antennas, experiments, engineering and other articles of interest to radio folks.

KD6RF Blog - Mostly Antennas, Ham Radio, Racing...and other critters...

The Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page.
Seemingly endless information on repeater systems, antennas etc.

KA7OEI's blog.
A lot of LF to microwave stuff

Ham Radio- Electronics - ZL1BTB
Some quite random and interesting stuff - linear repeaters, 10m cavity filter, common rail diesel injector interference is a good read about RF shielding, bypassing and bonding in vehicles, to name a few.

KV5R.COM | Makin' it more fun.
Plenty of practical articles about making stuff.

American Radio History.

Calculators / Tools

Right Triangle Angle And Side Calculator.

Inductive Reactance Calculator.
Converts inductance into reactance value.

Transmission Line Details.
Found this calculator via W8WWV's page on Coaxial Cable Stub Q. Coax stubs open or closed can be used for example to add inductive reactance to a passive element to resonate it as a reflector, this is useful when switching directions with fixed arrays - e.g. two element quad, inverted V Yagis, vertical beams etc for the low bands. TLD is useful if you have a means of accurately measuring the VF of your cable, which in turn will calculate the length needed and the R it'll add. This information can be defined as a load in MMANA-GAL to help with model accuracy.

Suppliers / Products

The Original Wireman - Antenna wire, coax, insulators, and more.

Balun Designs.
I had one of these for an OCFD I built, the balun was very well made and handled a coastal environment no problem.

ZeroFive Antennas.
I have the 43ft vertical, very well made with good hardware.

Used Radios - Used commercial two-way radios.
Ordered a couple Motorola MCS 2000 900MHz radios, well packaged and radios very good condition for used.

INRAD model RX7300 - add a receive-only antenna jack to the Icom IC-7300. Photos here by K0PIR.

Icom IC-7300 cooling fan is noisy, I replaced it with one of these and made it silent - Noctua NF-A8 PWM, 4-Pin Premium Quiet Fan (80mm, Brown). I used a small flat file to make a notch in the side of the fan for the power cable to pass into the rig, snipped the plug off the factory fan and wired yellow to red, black to black, leave other fan wires disconnected, sealed it up securely with heat-shrink.

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