About the site:

The domain name - hydrogen.net.nz, I registered on 4 November 2002. A good friend of mine at the time was running a web hosting company and said register a domain, and I'll give you some hosting. With the help of a friend on IRC who started throwing out random words, hydrogen was one and I liked it.

Out of the gate another friend of mine had just finished up graphic design at University and cooked up some swanky CSS for a nice look [I might still have a copy somewhere].

Over the years the domain has hosted various blogs, starting with Blogger, then some ugly hand coded PHP by me. At other times there was no website at all, then I put a wiki in place 2014. I found the wiki back-end not always simple to keep up-to-date for security fixes, and this thing was running on a Linux box on my home network.. In todays security conscious world that's pretty yikes! At least I had the sense to run it on a physically and logically isolated network segment.

Early 2019 I consolidated a bunch of stuff into Blogger, and here we are. The Blogger interface is a million times better than it used to be.

About me:

Grew up in rural New Zealand in the 80s and 90s, the average household technology of the day was a rotary telephone and calling outside of the local area required an operator to connect the call, maybe a microwave, some people had VCRs, color TV set if you were lucky, and two TV channels [three in 1989]. So as kids we spent a lot of time outside riding bikes, climbing trees and using our imaginations - are we the last western generation that did this? Geez I feel old asking that question. As kids we found it hard to believe our grandparents would ride horses to school, now my kids will find it hard to believe the world once existed with out the internet or smart phones. ha!

Got into ham radio as a teenager, then into computers, thou never leaned to code. Mostly had IT related jobs. I've lived in London, Canada, Fairbanks Alaska, and more recently near Seattle Washington.

I enjoy reading historical accounts of events and development of technology, so I get sucked into Wikipedia from time to time. I still enjoy ham radio as a hobby, as its part electronics, part computers, partly getting outside making antennas and trying things out, and at the end of the day a way to make friends [potentially anywhere in the world] and socialize.

Other interests include cars, I envy people that have the skills to get in their garage and tinker with cars and make something interesting appear one day. Thou I have done a little tinkering with my two Chevy Impalas [2002 and 2013] via their OBDII ports and a tuning tool, and if you browse the cars label, you'll see that I'm not shy of fixing shit when I can find enough information to do it.