Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New Desk version 2

Earlier this year I got some IKEA for the shack, the setup was ok for ham radio use where I might spend an hour or two.

The company I work for offers the luxury of working from home up-to a couple days a week (perk of working in tech) which I've been doing more of recently. I was finding the ergonomics of my IKEA setup not great after 7 or 8 hours of use.

I needed something better. After some searching I came across Cymax Bush Business Furniture, yes it costs a bit more but the quality is good with a 10 year warranty. I got the Bush Business A-Series Left Corner Office Suite in Hansen Cherry, which is just two Series A 36W Desks and a Series A 48W Corner Desk.

Much better!

The Bush Business setup was just over $600 delivered, not cheap but the quality is there. Feels solid and can handle up-to 200 lb / 100 kg, ideal for those heavy vacuum tube amps. They shipped fast too, ordered Saturday delivered Wednesday morning, had it assembled and in-place by the end of the day.

Previous setup:

The three IKEA draw sets are now under the window just out of view on the right in the first pic, these made up most of the cost of the previous setup, the two IKEA table tops were $30 each at the time I got them so no big deal.