Thursday, July 4, 2019

New Desk

After using a folding table for the last few months, 'twas time for a something better.

I had considered The Great Ham Radio Desk Project, but after looking around IKEA I found something I liked better, more so since IKEA was having a sale at the time.

The spare room/office/shack is 120" wide across the back wall. What I ended up getting were three sets of draws and two table tops, the table tops are 59" x 29", the 29" width is nice, as it allows plenty of depth for radios, computers etc with space in-font.

The total was about $270 less tax and delivery fee, took an afternoon to put together.

Left to right, Ameritron AL-80B, Kenwood TH-D72A HT on top, Motorola MCS 2000 33cm/900MHz radio, Kenwood TM-731A, Icom IC-7300, 27" iMac (2014, 5K), under the iMac is a Windows 7 laptop which runs all the ham radio applications.

Plenty of room for more stuff! Plan to add some shelves to mount the Kenwood and Motorola mobile rigs, control boxes, and antenna switches etc.

22 Nov 2019:

This arrangement has been superseded with New Desk version 2.