Monday, October 25, 2010

New Job, New Town

A few weeks ago I got a phone call out of the blue from the IT manager at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden asking if I was still interested in a job I had applied for about 3 months ago. Indeed I was, so I made a trip to Golden which is about 150km East of Revelstoke during one of my days off to check it out.

All looked pretty good and I was offered the job, so I gave the required two weeks notice at 7-Eleven and my hostel job. Kinda miss the place and the other staff there, but I don’t miss the crazy work schedule. It’s nice to be back to 40 hr week with a weekend at the end of it!

I stayed at The Dream Catcher hostel in Golden, it’s a new hostel and has been nicely renovated, it’s super nice and the couple running it are really nice people. I also found a good place to live a couple days later about 10mins walk from the center of town. It’s a nice 3 bedroom townhouse, and the owner spends most of his time away so I pretty much have the place to my self!

As for the job, it’s an IT job - systems support and network admin - a little bit of everything. It’s a comfortable size with something like 100-200 users all up. There is a total of four of us in the service and technology team. KHMR seems like a pretty good resort and place to work.

I’ve also managed to phone home a couple times finally too.