Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting there..

Left New Zealand at 2pm, 12hrs of not much sleep, 6.30am arrival at LAX. Checking in for the next flight later that day was not enjoyable, then I found my self restricted to one part of the airport once checked in with about 8 hours to burn and very very tired. I wanted to die :)

The United flight to Vancouver was good, smaller plane. There was some kafuffle with the seating, so I got shifted right up the front, that suited me. They were really good about it, and gave me a free drink and nibbles then I nodded off which helped.

Arriving at Vancouver was a nice experience, the airport really is something. Working holiday visa processed no problem. Got on the sky train into town, found my hostel after some confusion and then proceeded to sleeep.

Orientation at SWAP the next day was informative. I got a bank account opened later that day no problem. The customer service at TD was simply amazing.

Booked into the hostel until Wednesday next week. Two of the guys in my room are from my hometown in NZ.. Crazy.